I am following exercises in a SP2010 Visual Studio 2010 book and I am using SP 2010 Foundations only. I am at the point (External Content Types) with my Model where I want to add the name value pair in the property editor for my LobSystemInstance. So, under Custom properties (Collection) I click the ellipses to view the property editor. Regardless of what I do, I get a red exclamation icon and the Add and OK buttons are grayed out as soon as I click on any field within. Hovering over the icon tells me to "Please enter a value". As a further note, I notice this same behavior any time I click on the ellipses for other Custom Properties.

  • Figure 10 (along with the text above it) in this article mscerts.programming4.us/sharepoint/… shows what I am attempting. On this step, after clicking the ellipses, as soon as I activate the row for typing, the buttons are grayed out and a red icon with the exclamation point appears.
    – Sean
    Sep 17, 2012 at 15:52

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It turns out, you must press "Enter" after putting in the Name property for it to stick. I was entering the name and then using tab. That's it. The OK button would not enable when using tab.

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