I'm creating a Sharepoint Site in SP 2010 to hold information for Meetings at my Company. This site will hold documents and will need them to be grouped by Meeting Type and then by Meeting Date.

I've accomplished this grouping via a List Web part but I do not like any of the built in "Styles" for this Web Part. I'm looking to group things similar to an Application called Directors Desk as shown below:

enter image description here

Is there a way to do this within Sharepoint 2010?

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You've a couple of options

Data View Web Part (DVWP) - if you can use SharePoint Designer at your firm you can use a DVWP to apply custom presentation to a list. With some XSLT ninja skills you can get quite creative and get very far from the standard list view. Start here for the basics.

Custom web part using EMCAScript Client Object Model - basically a javascript interface into your list then use your own javascript display logic - perhaps mixing in the best of jQuery for presentation. You could start by examining my SPrello project on codeplex which will give you a head start in using the client object model and jQuery to display list items in tiles.

'Traditional' Custom web part using server side object model - similar to above but rather than everything being client side javascript its all server c#/vb.net. Start here

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