Is there a way in Sharepoint OOTB to show all the documents and folders in and below a folder or Document library?

For example, If I have the following structure:

- http://site/Document Library/File.ext 
- http://site/Document Library/Folder1/File1.ext
- http://site/Document Library/Folder1/Folder2/File2.ext

When on the following page: http://site/Document Library/Folder/

I get the following items in my view:

  • Folder2
  • File1.ext
  • File2.ext

You simply need to go under Folders section in your view, and in the Folder or Flat radio-buttons choosed the option "Show all items without folders"

  • I also want the folders displayed. This show all items without folders ONLY shows files but I want a flat view with folders and files. – Realistic Sep 12 '12 at 21:36
  • No can do with out-of-the-box Views. In other pages you could use SPD to build you a view, but not easy with no-code solution (CAML Query skills required). – Marius Constantinescu - MVP Sep 13 '12 at 6:31

It's a bit redundant, but you could create a column to hold the name of the folder and group on that column in a flat view. This would give you the folder view you need while giving you the ability to expand and collapse those folders as necessary.


You can also change the SPViewScope in C#:

SPView view = list.Views["YourViewName"];
view.Scope = SPViewScope.RecursiveAll; //more ViewScopes are available

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