I would like to build a Sharepoint 2010 list that pulls in data looked up automatically from another list on the same site.

In SQL this would be "select List1.,List2. from List1, List2where List1.userid=List2.userid"

Currently List1 looks like

action, userid,

read user1 edit user1 read user 2


List2 comprises

userid, Userfirstname, UserSurname

user1 Fred Smith user2 Joe Bloggs

I want to build View ActionReports as follows

action, userid, LookedUpFirstname, LookedUpSurname.
read user1 Fred Smith edit user1 Fred Smith read user2 Joe Bloggs


Or even concatenate the last two together....

Oh & then use it with ClientContext for an external app too

Many thanks


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Just use lookup columns for your first question: Lookup Columns and to join them either use SP.Services, REST API or the Client Object Model.

I would like to give a more precise answer if you give us some more information or some sample code.

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