I have a question about searching dynamic content in SharePoint 2010. I need to configure SharePoint search engine in a web portal based on webparts where the content of the web is dynamic.

An example:
A page (CompanyList.aspx) that includes a webpart that displays a list of companies with basic info. The webpart reads the data info from a sharepoint list.

Each displayed item has a link to another page (eg. CompanyInfo.aspx?companyId=1) CompanyInfo.aspx has a webpart that displays full information about the company based on companyId.

I want these pages be shown on the search results. How do i set up the search engine to display these dynamic pages?


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I think what you want to do is create a search rule and configuer a complex URL. To understand what im talking about check this out should help you alot!

Sharepoint 2010 : Configuring Crawls (part 1) - Creating and Managing Content Sources


Sharepoint 2010 : Configuring Crawls (part 2) - Creating and Managing Crawl Rules


Sharepoint 2010 : Configuring Crawls (part 3) - Using Server Name Mappings & Controlling Host Distribution


I hope this directs you into the right direction :)

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