I am working on a design document for one of my projects in MOSS 2007. There is a requirement to create a custom interface to upload document along with metadata to a document library. I am not sure which one will be the best approach for this:

  • creating a webpart and deploying on the webpart page or
  • creating a custom aspx page and deploying it or
  • creating a user control and using it on the page.
  • or if there is any better way to do this, please suggest.

I would appreciate if I could have the pros and cons of the above mentioned approaches.

Thanks, Somya

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1) The web part will require to be registered as a safe control, a user control is an automatically registered version since no options can be set at run time. If you are using visual studio or the equivalent -local on deployment this is never a concern.

2) Not required, you may want to do this to remove the web part security concerns however for this project creating a web part / user control would save time as you will find yourself writing much more code.

3) Probably the easiest solution as a user control is registered as safe automatically (Only server controls require registration into the web.config) you don't really want a user to add a new instance or modify it at all so this is perhaps the best route, easiest deployment, easiest to code and shortest all round implementation.

  • Hey Hugh, Thanks for the valuable input. In case I opt for user control, this user control will have code behind which again needs to be complied as DLL and there will be a safe control entry required for it. Also will this page be unghosted if I use user control in it? Thanks, Somya
    – somya
    Sep 7, 2012 at 7:19

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