The ascending/descending/filter flyout menu that appears when you click on the column headers on Views is being cut off by left nav (quick launch menu). Not sure how to resolve this. I see the flyout is using this class:

I tried adding this style to the page directly (in Content Editor webpart):

.ms-MenuUIPopupBody .ms-MenuUIPopupScreen { z-index:1000 !important;}

I have attached a screenshot showing what is happening. Thanks for any suggestions.

enter image description here

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I had the same exact problem you had except only with certain lists. I was able to find a fix for it.


.ms-rte-layoutszone-inner {
    overflow:visible !important;

Turned out the designer had added this custom style:

MSO_ContentTable { height:600px;overflow:hidden !important; }

Changed it to height:auto and overflow:inherit

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