Usually when we need to get all the document libraries from a SharePoint site, we can follow the given code snippet:-

SPListCollection lstCol = oSite.OpenWeb().GetListsOfType(SPBaseType.DocumentLibrary);

But how to get the same result using SharePoint Client Object Model? Thanks in advance...:)


Hi u just get all list from site and just check it's BaseType like this

using (ClientContext clientcontext= new ClientContext("http://your server"))

    //Load Libraries from SharePoint
    foreach (List list in clientcontext.Web.Lists)
            if (list.BaseType.ToString() == "DocumentLibrary")
                 // here u get all document library

This is better as it only pulls back the document libraries rather than all the lists which you then have to check in a loop.

 var Libraries = clientContext.LoadQuery(clientContext.Web.Lists.Where(l => l.BaseTemplate == 101));

Also note that I've used the BaseTemplate property which has more granularity than BaseType. You can get ListTemplate enumeration values which map to the CSOM BaseTemplate property from here.

  • Goes this work in JavaScript? – Batman Aug 14 '16 at 21:35
  • @Batman, not sure if there is a JavaScript equivalent; I doubt it can do the LINQ / IQueryable stuff. – BrainSlugs83 Apr 10 '17 at 23:12

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