enter image description hereI have a document library which documents are actually document sets each one.

The only way to diferentiate each item is with the column called name, which is actually a guid.

I need to query with that column, but in the UI, it tells me that its a file.

The next code, I tried also with type = Text. but it didnt work.

SPList agendaPoints = subSite.GetSafeListByName(MeetingsCommon.Constants.LISTS_AGENDAPOINTS_NAME);
                                        SPQuery query = new SPQuery();
                                        query.Query = string.Concat("<Where>",
                                                                              "<FieldRef Name='Name' />",
                                                                              "<Value Type='File'>" + name + "</Value>",

![enter code here][2]

The exception is: Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: One or more field types are not installed properly

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You can query with document set using "Document Set ID".

see this link might be helpful for you.


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