In SharePoint 2010, the top-left link is "My Site". How can I hide or customize this link to allow me to put in my own link in the very top-left?

I know I can use Personalization Site Links to add an item to the end, or edit the Top Link Bar in the MySite to add a link as the second link, but I'd like to edit the very first link (without resorting to Master Page changes etc).

My current solution is to add a Content Editor and paste in the following CSS, but I'd welcome other suggestions:

<style type="text/css">
DIV.ms-globalnavicon {
    DISPLAY: none


  • I found that Erik here suggests to just add the solution I used to your custom CSS, but because there's no "Master Page" menu option in MySite (no publishing model), I had to use PowerShell to set the erikswenson.blogspot.com.au/2010/12/…
    – PeterX
    Commented Aug 27, 2012 at 1:57

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I hope you will get different way to do achieve this by following url:

How to hide/show My Site link on portal in personal menu?


Rather than using a Content Editor to hard-code the CSS onto each MySite page, you can use a custom CSS styles-sheet and then simply set the AlternateCssUrl on the Web Site with PowerShell:

CSS (custom.css):

/* Hide "My Site" link top-left 
DIV.ms-globalnavicon {
    DISPLAY: none


$w.AlternateCssUrl = "/Style%20Library/Custom.css"

The "My Site" top-left link is now hidden and you can use Site Settings/Top Link Bar to arrange your links how you like (e.g. I make my Portal link the first link and My Site the second link).

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