Can any one explain what are Web definition and webtemplate and site defintion and site template in sharepoint 2010

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Site Definitions

  • A site definition is the core definition of what a site is in SharePoint.
  • A site definition is installed on file system of web front ends, located at ..\12\Template\SiteTemplates. This directory is language-neutral.
  • A site definition consists of .aspx pages and .xml files with Collaborative Application Mark-up Language (CAML).
  • A major benefit is that the Page and List definition is read locally from the file system, not from Content Database.

Site Template

  • A site template (*.stp file) is created through the user interface or through implementation of the object model.

  • The site template package is a package containing a set of differences and changes from a base site definition.

  • The site template package is stored as a CAB-based file that can be downloaded or uploaded to site collections by users with the appropriate rights.

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Site Definitions vs. Web Templates


A site definition is the basic blueprint for a site, including how it looks, what lists it contains, default navigational structures, and so on. You normally create a site definition by hand-editing CAML.

A site template can be created from within the Sharepoint application, and is basically a "diff" between the site definition and any changes made since the site was created. A site template is based on the underlying site definition, which means that if you create a new site from a template, and later change the underlying site definition, you run the very real risk of irreversibly screwing up your site.

A best practice is to configure a minimal site definition that, once created, is never modified again, and use site templates to store reusable customizations.

Above taken from here:


Site Features vs Site Templates vs Site Definitions


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