I need to programatically upload a document and route to the record center with all content organizer rules. This should be a Client Object Model Solution. I have a solution in Server Object Model. But not sure how we can achive the same in Client Object Model. This link would show how to route using server object model.

Adding Document to a record library programmatically

Can anybody help me on this Please :)

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I've got the same requirement, instead of writing a web service, I'm looking at using the built in [MS-OFFICIALFILE]: Official File Web Service.

The SubmitFile method on this should ensure the document is routing when the document is submitted (it's how SharePoint routes documents between sites itself).

  • Yes, I have looked into it. But couldn't able to understand. Thought instead of wasting time, we can get a solution quickly. Could you please share the procedure, if you have any :)
    – suryakiran
    Oct 12, 2012 at 7:22

Got a Solution, though not a very convincing one. Create a Custom WCF service which uses the same functionality defined in the Server Object Model Solution and deploy the same under _vti_bin folder. Following the procedure provided in the below MSDN link and solve the issues


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