I followed these instructions and created a Web Part Page and filled it with a Text Filter Web Part and a SP Designer 2010 Data View. The result is I've not got a page where I can filter a list based on a wildcard text parameter. Great!

However, I cannot seem to get the list to display everything (unfiltered) by default. No parameter entered = no results returned apparently. How can I make it that, when a user opens the page and no parameters are entered, the entire list is shown?

My (so far unsuccesful) guess is that I need to add a second OR filter with a rule that's always valid (for instance, a required field that is not null - this is always the case obviously). But no luck so far. Any ideas?

  • Could you please tell me how it got worked? I'm also facing the same issue. PS: I'm not able to comment to the above, that's why added as a reply.
    – Anish V
    Commented Jan 2, 2014 at 6:58

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Check this out it might help you as its similar to your situation: Dataview, filter to see "All items"

This is for 2007 but should be similar:


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