I just needed to clarify some things....

When creating a new site collection you could neither have




Are there any differences in this and if so what are the advantages /disadvantages? Also when i create a new site collection why does it automatically give me this URL


How can i create a new site collection without having sitepages/home.aspx

All i want is http://sitename.domain.com/default.aspx which is what use to happen in version 2007

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Besides the length of URL, there are no advantages/disadvantages to creating a site collection in either place.

The site collection at http://sitename.domain.com/ is the "root" site collection for that web application, but it doesn't have any special properties.

Site collections under "/sites" are simply site collections created under a "sites" managed path for the web application.

As for the "sitepages", that's just a list/library that holds pages and is created as part of certain site templates. If you use the "blank site", you will end up with a page at http:///sites/blanksite/default.aspx

  • Note that the /Sites/ bit is called a 'Managed Path', and you can add other ones in Central Admin (e.g. '/Projects/')
    – Andy Burns
    Aug 17, 2012 at 8:40

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