I have a SharePoint custom list with some fields. I modified the form using InfoPath. This modified form has many views, rules and logic inside. Now I would like to deploy this form to Production Server. How can I do such deployment ? Do I have to create whole list, fields again and create InfoPath form or is there any standard deployment process/method ?



The answer to this question is the same as the answers to question Infopath change Publish Location, if we speak about unmodifiable and locked Sharepoint List Form type (according to compatibility in Form Options< Info < File, on ribbon of Infopath Designer 2010) and Main Data Source/Connection:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Though, I failed to apply any those approaches in case of a list containing lookup field(s) to other list(s):

  • editing source filed fails completely for me (in case of a list with a lookup field)
  • in case of using a list template as an STP file approach, created from template list looses lookup field(s) content

One of the obvious questions is the sense of Sharepoint List Form and how to create the Infopath forms if they cannot be deployed thereafter.
One of the possible workaround is manually laborious engagement of CAML templates though it is unrelated to (already existing) Sharpoint list forms...

Good luck! Share here your experience here, please!

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