How can I make it so that users can submit Infopath forms to a form library, but not be able to see the contents of other users' forms that have been submitted?

I know I can change their default view, so they can only see 'My Documents' but I can't stop them just changing the view back to 'All Documents'.



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Easiest way to configure this for SharePoint Online is to use SharePoint Designer, create a workflow and configure permissions upon item creation. This article provides a walkthrough.


Here is even a better approach. Create 2 list/libraries, Use workflow to copy from submitted location to secure location and delete original. Therefore you do not get into unique permissions at the item level, which is not a good practice.

  • Interesting idea. If you do this though, do both lists/libraries have to be in sync? IE adding one field, you have to remember to add the field to the other list?
    – russds
    Jun 26, 2015 at 21:24

Both lists are kept in sync because you have to create the form as a content type, then tell both libraries to use that content type. I know this is an old question at this point but in case anyone else stumbles across this there's the answer.

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