I’ve observed that when a browser-enabled InfoPath form is viewed in an IFrame on a site (other than the hosting SharePoint site), it does not "close" nor return to the Library view when clicking a button with Rules to close the form. The form loads, performs rule behaviors and posts back correctly, but has a script error when clicking the "Close" button (script errors occurs in the SharePoint "Core.js" file with the message "Microsoft JScript runtime error: Permission denied".

Other Details:

  • The site with the iFrame is CRM 4 that is in the same internal network and domain as the SharePoint 2010 site hosting the InfoPath form. iFrame in CRM set to allow cross-domain scripting
  • The link to the form in the SharePoint library correctly has the Source parameter to know where to return on close
  • Adding CRM & SharePoint sites to IE browser Trusted Sites didn’t change the results

Why would a browser-enabled InfoPath form error on closing in an IFrame?

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I believe this is intended behavior to prevent XSS attacks.

I ran into a similar problem on a close button viewing a list item in a different web application. Same error.



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