I am working in SP2010 and have a simple InfoPath form that calls the listdata.svc to populate a drop down. I am trying to work out the URL that will return me all of the State data from a list of 27K state data sets.

The atom/xml looks like this:

<entry m:etag="W/"1"">
  <title type="text">AL</title> 
- <content type="application/xml">
- <m:properties>
   <d:BandCode>100 Mile Band</d:BandCode> 

URL I am trying is:

http://Blah.com/sites/S/_vti_bin/listdata.svc/US_Distance_Table?$filter=State eq'TX'

But it returns error. Now peeling back the URL does return some results. For example, I can call ....listdata.svc/US_Distance_Table(5) and get the 5th record. What am I missing here?


Your URL looks right

But if your table has 27000 items, then you're probably hitting a resource throttling limit unless it's State is an indexed column

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