Important note: Version used is Infopath 2007 ans MOSS Enterprise (2007) with Enterprise features activated.

We have a form were you have to select a value. (Location) Based on that value, you will have to fill in certain fields in Infopath.No issue so far.

Below this form, we would like to show the data that was already entered for that value location). I created a data connection to a SharePoint List, and added a repeating table using the information from the SharePoint list. This works, except that is is sorted on ID, ascending. This means that the oldest entries will show up at the top of that list. We would like to reverse the sorting and show the most recent entries at the top.

Only solutions without Visual Studio :-)




Change the sorting in the view of the SharePoint List from where you retrieve the values like described in this article.

Edit: Sorting is not supported with InfoPath 2007. But there is a workaround using the owssvr.dll - here is a good article on how to do this and here is the parameter list (SortField).

hope this helps

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  • Andreas, yes it is described on that article, but if this only applies when you open the form in Infopath client, and not when you use the Forms service. – Patrick Sledz Aug 1 '12 at 13:04

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