I am totally new to SharePoint. I just have a question regarding SharePoint.I have modified an existing infopath template and published it to a new library. I have a submit option in the template that saves those forms in the library. If I have saved the new form, it works fine. But if I try to modify the saved document with the new template, it still points to the old template. How do I resolve this? Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Lakshmi

  • Lakshmi, you say you published the template to a new library. Does this mean that the old forms are in the old library?
    – Shrout1
    Jun 17, 2013 at 12:56

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In case of libraries
when the data are stored in XML files it is necessary to relink XML forms to used/linked in their heading reference to location of XSN form template:

  • Hand-edit:
    the href in form's XML file
  • Re-linking
    (available only if the form template published to form but not document, library)
  • PIFix.exe tool:
    limited to IP form template published to file share

See more details the mentioned article.

In case of data stored in sharepoint lists (incl. workflow forms)
it is necessary to change URL to which a template has been published in its source files.


I assume you published your form as content type right? Go to the list's content type settings and remove the old content type from the list - or alternatively set the default to your new content type.

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