I have run VS 2010 as an administrator The user, which is running VS2010, have db_owner rights to the config, content, and central admin DBs of SP2010.

In my hostfile i have intranet.lesson.net/sites/chapter2/ ::1 Intranet.lesson.net/sites/chapter2/

But still get this error VS Error 2010 Error occurred in deployment step 'Recycle IIS Application Pool': Cannot connect to the SharePoint site: http://intranet.lesson.net/sites/chapter2/SitePages/Home.aspx/. Make sure that this is a valid URL and the SharePoint site is running on the local computer. If you moved this project to a new computer or if the URL of the SharePoint site has changed since you created the project, update the Site URL property of the project.

Logfile 07/29/2012 14:11:15.52 vssphost4.exe (0x102C) 0x13A0 SharePoint Foundation General 8kh7 High 0x80070002There is no Web named "/sites/chapter2/SitePages/Home.aspx".

Can anybody help me?


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It looks like you've specified http://intranet.lesson.net/sites/chapter2/SitePages/Home.aspx/ as the Site URL in visual studio it should only be http://intranet.lesson.net/sites/chapter2.

To change this select your SharePoint project in "Solution Explorer" and it'll be in the Properties Window (F4)

  • Thank you Per Yes it was the ansver Once again you solved my problem
    – Newbie
    Jul 29, 2012 at 16:16

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