I have created a content type MyTask that is built ontop of task. The content type ID starts with 0x0108.

I want to create a custom list definition for my task in code. So I have created a List difention based on my content type in Visual Studio.

I am then using this custom MyTask list in a workflow. However when I deploy my code I am getting the error:

Error occurred in deployment step 'Activate Features': The BaseTemplate property of the list is not 'Tasks'.

Looking at my Elements.xml for the list it looks like I should change the base type.

However when searching for the options of base type I can only seem to find:

Custom List 0
Document Library 1
Not used 2 
Obsolete. Use 0 for discussion boards.3 
Surveys 4
Issues List 5

How can I use my custom list with a workflow?

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Just add the following attribute in 'ListTemplate' Type=107 for example

      BaseType="0" />

This will resolve your problem.

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