We are using MOSS 2007. We have SharePoint set up to publish on major versions.

One of my users pointed out that their document was approved but nobody could see it. I went in and this is what I saw:

Won't allow me to post pictures... Here is the link. "http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k274/ZeroHero2/SharePoint.png"

If you do not wish to follow the link here is a basic example:

Type | Name | Title | some  more headers | Version | Approval Status | Approval WorkFlow 

word | 003  | title | stuff              | 0.13    | Pending         | Approved
word | 004  | title | stuff              | 0.13    | Pending         | Approved

As you can see there is no major version published, however a full workflow was somehow completed and there is no Major version. I tried to replicate the above but I can't seem to. I already know how to fix the version and the approval; however I am trying to find a cause so this will not happen again.

Few other details:

  • The workflows where done in SharePoint (OOTB).
  • I am not a SharePoint developer nor do we have one. We have no custom pages.
  • I know enough about SharePoint for it to be dangerous. So bare with me. :)

Any ideas, questions, flaming would be appreciated.


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I took a look at your screenshot...it looks like the Approval Workflow has the status of Approved, but the approval status of Pending. Perhaps if you take a look at the workflow history, you can determine is a workflow completed successfully, or is an error state? Other than that, perhaps check the ULS logs to see if anything strange is going on?

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