We are currently in the process of setting up TFS for source control and a build server, to achieve automated build and deploy. But I'm stuck with the choosing between Team City 7 or TFS Team Build. The biggest pro with Team City are recommendation from others and when it comes to TFS Team Build its the fact that that Chris O'Brien mentions it and has some good looking resources.

We are a very small company if the size would matter, which I doubt. We mainly build SharePoint 2010 solutions.

Which should we choose, Team City or TFS Team Build 2010?

Which are the cons and pros of them?


This question has already been asked in SE.

  • Only the last question, but not the first. The questions you are referring to don't explicit use TFS for source control and are developing SharePoint Solutions which could make a big difference on the choice i suppose. But I'm still very new to automated builds. I think I'll try the full MS approach to begin with. – Tim Jul 19 '12 at 14:39

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