when I'm getting all the lists with my Client program from a specific SharePoint server, I'm getting quite a lot of them, but I'd like to present to the user only the Document Libraries. How can I do this? I saw that a Library can be named anything, not only "Shared Documents", so there must be another possibility? I'm currently using WSS/SOAP and talking to the _vti_bin/lists.asmx service with GetListsCollection method, but any clue will be helpful.

Thank you

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Part of the response for each list is the attribute BaseType which is a string representation of the numeric value from the enumeration SPBaseType for each list.

BaseType="1" for DocumentLibrary


I stumbled upon this question but I was looking for Server Object model code. Below code helped me and maybe will help someone else too.

                if (objList.BaseType == SPBaseType.DocumentLibrary)
                    //Call function

Another way to find List Template type is

objList.BaseTemplate == SPListTemplateType.DocumentLibrary 
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