I want to create a calculated column, it should show the value of Title and the URL of a Hyperlink column called Main Website. But I get an error for my formula:

=[Title]&" ("&[Main Website]&")"

If I replace [Main Website] with a reference to a Text column, the formula works ...

Is there a way to use my URL in a calculated field?

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If you look in SharePoint Columns – Features and limitations you'll see that you can't use Hyperlink columns in a calculated field.

Your options are to use an Event Receiver or a workflow update a text column with the coumputed value.

  • Thanks Per, I found a third way: using a standard text field and customizing the edit form via InfoPath, so the field is readonly and has a rule that concats Title and Hyperlink.
    – Jan
    Jul 16, 2012 at 14:45

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