I have a powershell script updating my solution:

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell
write-host $args[0]
Update-SPSolution -Identity PkbInfo.SP.wsp -literalpath $args[0] -GACDeployment 

When I execute it with SP 2010 management shell (without Add-PSSnapin of course) it runs ok, but when I try to execute it with nant command:

  <target name="sp.update">
    <exec failonerror="true" program="${powershell.exe}">   
    <arg value="-noprofile" />
    <arg value="-nologo" />
    <arg value="-noninteractive" />
    <arg value="-command" />
    <arg value="${ps.script.name} ${ps.copyto.folder}" />

I get an error:

     [exec] Update-SPSolution : c:\shared\PkbInfo.wsp: The specified file was no
t found.
     [exec] At C:\Users\me\Documents\production\sharepoint\nant_powershell
.ps1:5 char
     [exec] :18
     [exec] + Update-SPSolution <<<<  -Identity PkbInfo.SP.wsp -literalpath $arg
s[0] -GACDe
     [exec] ployment
     [exec]     + CategoryInfo          : ReadError: (:) [Update-SPSolution], Fi
     [exec]    Exception
     [exec]     + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell.SPCmdl
     [exec]    lution
     [exec] Update-SPSolution : Zgłoszono wyjątek typu 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Pow
     [exec] mdlet+SkipCurrentRecordException'.

So it looks like the argument i'm passing is not parsed, which is strange, because Write-Host in both cases (with management shell and nant) displays the correct path. Any ideas why the $args[0] in Update-SPSolution is not converted to actual argument when running with nant?

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Try and put a $() around your literal path, like so:

Update-SPSolution -Identity PkbInfo.SP.wsp -literalpath $($args[0]) -GACDeployment  

You can also use Resolve-Path if your path is relative

On a side note: remember that Update-SPSolution only works as long as you update existing artefacts (eg. no new or deleted modules/features/rootfiles)


You try to run:

Update-SPSolution -Identity PkbInfo.SP.wsp 

And you get the error:

 [exec] Update-SPSolution : c:\shared\PkbInfo.wsp: The specified file was no  
t found.

Check your filename :)

(I know you can have different identity and filename, but nobody ever changes that, right?)

  • the 'file not found' occurs because it tries to exec Identity PkbInfo.SP.wsp -literalpath $args[0] -GACDeployment, so obviously i do not have a file named '$args[0]' ;)
    – matt137
    Jul 9, 2012 at 6:41

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