I need to iterate through all the columns (default + custom) in Message content type in Discussion list.

i have used this code:

//select a single discussion (in this case, the first one), to view it's contentDiscussion
topic = (Discussion)dc.TeamDiscussion.Single(t => t.Id == 5);

//Get all the replies for the selected discussion
IEnumerable<Message> replies = 
   from reply in dc.TeamDiscussion.ScopeToFolder("/"+topic.Reply+"/"+topic.Title, false)                               
   select (Message)reply;

How can I iterate through the IEnumerable replies? I do not want to use CAML.

Please Suggest best possible way to get the results through LINQ

  • Did you try foreach (Message reply in replies) { } ?
    – Brandon
    Commented Jul 5, 2012 at 13:53

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As far as I know, the Discussion list work the following way:

List.Items -> Message ContentType

List.Folders -> Discussion ContentType

So to get the Replies, search in the List.Items.

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