I am running SharePoint Foundation on Windows 7 as a development platform. I have had some problems with web services not working as a data source. I was instructed to work with a server platform instead. How is this done? Can I install Windows Server on the same machine running Windows 7? Will I need to transfer VS 2010 and SharePoint designer to this server environment as well? I don’t have any back up installation media, so if I lose Windows 7, it’s gone. Can I create a virtual drive and install Windows server on it? Thank you for any help with this.



You can either do a dual-boot scenario where boot from more than one hard drive, or you can run some form of virtualization software (VMWare, Virtual Box, or Virtual PC/Server). You would then want to install your dev tools on the server.

  • VMWare and VirtualBox are your only options for virtualization because SP 2010 requires a 64 bit guest OS and Virtual PC/Server doesn't support this. Jul 13 '10 at 18:58

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