I have a working document library that uses a template content type, which is an InfoPath form. I have enabled the browser compatibility settings and the "view form in browser" option in the document library settings. With these settings, I can get to the normal browser-based form by clicking New. This opens a new window with the form between two gray bars with buttons on them.

I'm interested in embedding this form in a SharePoint page, preferably without the gray bars so the only submit option is my button.

Is this possible? I'm thinking that it may be possible to embed it in a web part? That would be perfect.


The toolbar and various options are all part of what is configured in the form's options. If you want to display the form on a web part page, simply reference it in a Web Page Viewer web part.

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  • Thanks for pointing me to the Web Page Viewer web part. Where do I configure the "form's options" related to the gray bar and buttons? Thanks! – mouche Jul 9 '10 at 21:24

Follow Nick Grattan's PDF document "How to Host Microsoft InfoPath Forms in SharePoint 2007 Web Part Pages" found here:


You don't need to do this for 2010 as the control is already there, just add it to the page.

Hope that helps.

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