I have pages in a pages library on a publishing site which have a managed metadata (taxonomy) field in their content type. I want my custom search webpart to read the taxonomy set on its parent page (I can do this fine) and then query against a specific scope using only the selected tags of the parent page as the filter (no keyword necessary).

I have tried to set FixedQuery = “owstaxIdMetadataAllTagsInfo=#0[TERM GUID]” of my CoreResultWebPart with no success... I actually gave up after I was getting 0 results and am now trying to just perform a FullTextSqlQuery.

Unfortunately it seems that even though pages with the managed metadata field are successfully being indexed, the managed property owstaxIdMetadataAllTagsInfo has no data in the results! I went ahead and made the property searchable/queryable and the property value is null.

Can you anyone confirm that I should be getting values from that managed property when there is indeed a managed metadata field on the page that is populated with data?

Note: I have tried to make my own managed property based on the managed metadata field in my site's content type -- same results.

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If you create your own ManagedProperty, e.g. 'Terms' and map it to the crawled property 'ows_taxId_MetadataAllTagsInfo', then you can use in your FullTextSqlQuery a condition like:

Terms = '#0[TERM GUID]'

For the ManagedProperty make sure you check 'Has Multiple Values' and 'Include values from all crawled properties mapped'.

See also on MSDN Querying on Managed Metadata Field Values in SharePoint Server 2010

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