I used SharePoint Designer and created a workflow for a list and made some permissions. I want to:

  1. Give the the manager of every department permission to view the employee item in the list and edit it as well as
  2. Allow the manager to make a new item
  3. The employees should on be able to create a new item and view his own items

Two things you need to take care of :-

Create Appropriate Permissions Levels and Groups
Make permission level say "Generic Edit" for Edit access which includes - Add , Edit , View no delete,no approve. Make another permission level say "Generic Add" which includes - Add , no edit, Read , no delete , no approve.

Create groups for Managers and Employees and give them read access at the site level. At the list level give the Managers group "Generic Edit" rights and the Employees group "Generic Add".

Create a list view.
Create a list view for all employees and make it as the default view. On the view creation page , Select filter options and the field to filter should be "created by" and enter the value as "[me]" without the quotes. This will only show items that were created by the currently logged in user and not all the items in the list.

To show the managers all items in the list , create a page in the pages library and add the list to a webpart zone. Here you can create a view that shows all items and this view remains specific to the webpart. Grant the managers group read access on this page through 'manage permissions'.

This way , you can set two different views of a single list for two groups without using a workflow.

  • you are talking about the sharepoint not the workflow right ??? – sarah Jun 25 '12 at 6:23
  • I am talking about permissions and list view for the list where your workflow is attached. – ArkoD Jun 25 '12 at 14:17
  • i did the 2 steps but this will make the every one can see items created by him even the managers and i want the manager to see all how can i do that ??? – sarah Jun 25 '12 at 17:00
  • For that you can create a separate blank webpart page inside the pages library and insert the list as custom webpart inside a webpart zone. Give read access to the managers group on this page and modify the view of the list to show all items without a filter on this page. This way managers can see all items while employees gets to see only their items. – ArkoD Jun 25 '12 at 17:52
  • but i need to do this stuff by using workflow – sarah Jun 26 '12 at 6:55

We can acive it using any one of below option

  1. manage with workflow In codeplux we can download some workflow utility. In this utility we have the option to manage item level permision. Please see the link http://spdactivities.codeplex.com/

  2. Create a new sharepoint group "managers" and in the list, give full privilage for managers and contribute permission for all employs. And in the advance settings of the list set view and edit only thir own items

  3. Create visual studio workflow

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