So I am new to SP Dev, and completely new to the idea of developing Silverlight applications, and the use of Expression. But I am trying to understand how Expression gets used with Visual Studio in order to develop an app (Sandbox Solution at that) for Sharepoint 2010.

From what I read it seems that the basic idea is that I can us Expression to Build UI elements for something like a form, then take that to Visual Studio to add functionality, create the package and upload to solution gallery. Is that correct (nutshell I realize)? What actually goes from Expression to Visual Studio, just the XAML?

Any help with understanding/context is greatly appreciate; for that matter all help I get here is always greatly appreciated!! Thanks

  1. Silverlight development doesn't have direct relationship with SharePoint. But yes, you can use Silverlight as the main UI technology of your SharePoint solution, even the Silverlight development is standalone. http://www.silverlight.net is a good place to learn more about Silverlight development.

  2. SharePoint 2010 provides a specific Client Object Model for Silverlight application. With this Silverlight Client Object Model, you can write code within a Silverlight application to interact with SharePoint site data. Please check this url for more information about Silverlight Client Object Model.

  3. When you put a Silverlight application in a SharePoint page, it's about SharePoint development now. What you need to do is creating a SharePoint solution to host the Silverlight application, or just use the out-of-box Silverlight Web Part to host the Silverlight application (see this page).

  4. There is some security consideration when you host a Silverlight application in a SharePoint page, please check the page on MSDN to get detail information.

And, there is a free book chapter on MSDN you can reference. Chapter 14: Silverlight and SharePoint Integration . Microsoft also provides a training course about this topic, SharePoint and Silverlight Training Course.

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  • @kaneboy...wow thanks for all the references and information! appreciate it...these are great! – Justin Jun 28 '12 at 21:04

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