I'm trying to create a web part that can pull in twitter feeds on a sandbox site. Since sandbox webparts cannot make cross domain calls, I thought that I could use an old trick I enjoyed, which was pulling in the RSS feed of a twitter account.

I'd like to have a nice interface where someone just adds the account name as a property, and it pulls the feed in.

Can I create what essentially amounts to a custom skin for an out of the box web part?


For this, you don't need to override the out of box RSS webpart. (you can't anyways override the rss webpart in sandbox)

I have implemented this functionality previously using http://tweet.seaofclouds.com/

It's a simple jQuery plugin which accepts a twitter username (and many other properties) and displays the public twitter feeds from that account.

What you could do is, use this plugin in your Custom WebPart and then:

1) Accept the username as a web part property 2) Using that username build the plugin javascript serverside. 3) Push the javascript containing the username and the plugin code to the page.

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