I have 3 content databases spread over 2 servers (A & B) called:

  • A1
  • B1
  • B2

I wanted to move a site collection from A1 to B1. As they are on different servers, I backed up, removed the site and restored, but made a mistake and it was published to B2 instead.

I'm trying to move a site collection from B2 to B1, but kept getting the error that

The site collection being moved and the destination content database must be on the same database server.

Now this makes it seem that SharePoint thinks the site collection is still on A1. But, through the Central Administration GUI I can see that the site is listed on B2. I then run Get-SPSite on A1 and confirm it's gone, but when I turn Get-SPSite on B2 I don't see the site there.

From Central Administration, I can see that the site lists its content database as B2. I can also look at the "Current Number of Site Collections" for each content database and they reflect what I'd expect: A1's total count went down by 1 after the migration and B2's count went up by 1. If I count the number of site collections returned for B2 after running Get-SPSite it is 1 short of the total count listed in the Central Administration tool.

What could be causing this?


Well there's one more important clue. Get-SPSite is working today, now it shows that hidden site. To me this is clear evidence that one of SharePoint's nightly jobs needed to run to update Get-SPSite, but I'm not sure which one. Any ideas? Ideally, if this happens again I'd like the option of manually runnign the job.

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