We have just setup Sharepoint 2010 internally for testing and development.

I created a simple document library, and mapped it up in Windows Explorer.

It works OK - it's reasonably fast (at least after I disabled 'automatically detect settings' in Internet Explorer...) - however, when I create a new folder or a new textfile nothing happens until I hit f5 - then my new folder or file is instantly showing. I can hit F5 0.1 seconds after I created the folder and it shows instantly. But it does not show until I refresh.

I have tried on several machines. Any tips or suggestions?

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    It's not designed to reflect your changes immediately. The explorer view works like a network drive (webdav). I think webdav doesn't support pushing back changes to a client when they happen. And if it does; they didn't implement it. So I'm afraid your stuck F5-ing. – Jasper Jun 21 '12 at 15:30

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