I am creating a proof of concept at work. It will be creating a web applciation with a site collection in it. The site collection will have 1 or 2 custom content types and a few lists set up. I will turn some features on such as in place reocrds managment and document ids.

This is fine I can click through all the options on my dev machine to do this. What is the best way to get all these changes live?

Should I write down my steps to reproduce. Do I jutt take a backup of the site collection and restore it to a production web application or can I capture the setup in code?

Only one instance of this solution will be needed so I dont need the ability to ceate 5 of these in live.


You can try to save your site as site template. See this link. Then open site templates library and download the template to your machine. After this you can upload template to your prodaction environment and activate template.

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    My only warning is be very careful with what features are activated on this site when you save the template, including other site and list template features. – SpartanDonut Jun 21 '12 at 13:58

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