I have inserted a Calendar list to a page(SitePages/Home.aspx) using a powershell script, But I want to insert it in to a specific location as shown in image. When I insert the calendar list it insert it to the Bottom of the page by default even If I specify zone as right. The SitePages/Home.aspx has only "Bottom" zone(verified using SPD) and I assume that's the reason its inserting in to Bottom Zone by default. Even if I try to edit the Page it doesn't display the Bottom Zone with calendar.

How do I Specify the Zone location and Index?


enter image description here

Any suggestions appreciated...


Found the solution. I have blogged about it here. http://kannabirank.wordpress.com/2012/06/23/sharepoint-power-shell-script-to-add-webpart-to-wiki-page/

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