I have the following requirement for the OOTB Calendar Month view (in the default Calendar web part) :

  1. Combine the Saturday and Sunday into a single column and show all events for both days in that column

  2. Provide a way to filter by year (say, a dropdown).

I did search on the forum and I found this link , but the answer in this post did not give details.

I got the starting point from this post. As per my analysis the Calendar monthly view is rendered by the CalendarViewmonthChrome Control template. I could not find any XSL that is being used to transform the data to month view.

After looking at the source code and the application page templates for Calendar I could conclude that the Day columns Monday, Tuesday, etc. are coming from ApplicationPages:AjaxCalendarView, but I could not get any MSDN documentaion for this control.

Does anybody have any idea on how to achieve the above requirement ? Am I on the right direction of customizing the Calendar Month view via custom Control templates ? Is any javascript required ?

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