Having an Activities list with a column called Engineer of type lookup that allow multiple values. How to build a call to listdata.svc in order to get only activities that are asigned to an Engineer with Id equal to 10 for example ?

I've tried :

http://myserver:10113/_vti_bin/listdata.svc/Activities()?$filter=Engineer/Id eq '10'&$expand=Engineer&$select=Id,Name,StartDate,EndDate,Engineer/Id,Engineer/FirstName, Engineer/LastName

For this I receive thet 'Id' property do not exist. I think this is because Engineer is a colection.

Or if somewone know how to do this using LINQ and WCF Data Services in Visual Studio 2010 ? Then I will use Fiddler to see the call translation.

Thank you !

  • Same issue here... did you ever find a solution? – Christophe Jul 7 '12 at 0:54

If your lookupfield can accept multiple values you cannot make a filter on a column which is contained in this lookup.

I had the same issue.


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Hi If you are using Looking up Fields you have to use like this


Similarly for other Fields as well. you can try the same.

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