I'm beginner in Sharepoint 2010. I would like to develop a solution with Sharepoint (interaction with api Linkedin or google maps).

I see many samples but the hierarchy of the vs project is unclear. can you enlighten me on this topic?



There is a short video regarding SharePoint Tools Project Structure that may be of help to you. The structure of a SharePoint solution within Visual Studio varies on the type of the SharePoint project being developed (sites, content, web parts, workflow, etc). These are folders, namespaces, library & services references, etc. within the VS solution. There are quite a few 'best practices' that can help you - there are two similar questions that were posted in this forum -

For a beginning developer, I would also suggest reviewing the content of the SharePoint 2010 Developer Resource Center including development videos and plenty of development code examples.


I'm uncertain what you mean by "the hierarchy of the visual studio project is unclear"? At any rate...


should get you started on the right track.

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