When I package a Sharepoint 2010 project in Visual Studio 2010, I occasionally get the following error message:

Access to the path 'C:\path-to-my-project\pkgobj\Debug\Package_Manifest.xml' is denied.

I checked the file, and it seems to be read-only. Clearing the read-only flag helps, but eventually the problem reoccurs. What's causing it and how can I fix it for good?


I am able to get around the problem by checking-out the AppManifest.xml file in the project, thereby removing the read-only. For some reason the publish process copies this file over and keeps the read-only flag, causing the error.

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You need to run the visual studio as Administrator

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  • It made no difference. I don't see what administrator privileges have to do with the file system read-only flag. – Hirvox Jun 28 '12 at 5:48

The UAC requires that you run Visual Studio as a system administrator.

To develop SharePoint solutions, you must have sufficient permissions to run and debug SharePoint solutions. Before you can test a SharePoint solution, take the following steps to ensure that you have the necessary permissions:

  • Add your user account as an Administrator on the system.
  • Add your user account as a Farm Administrator for the SharePoint server.
  • In SharePoint Central Administration, click the Manage the farm administrators group link.


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  • Did you even read the question? This is not a Sharepoint permissions issue, it's an issue with Visual Studio. You don't even need to have a functioning Sharepoint instance to create a .wsp package in Visual Studio. That said, I am running Visual Studio with elevated privileges, and my user account is both a local administrator as well as the Sharepoint farm administrator. – Hirvox Apr 16 '13 at 10:16
  • I did read your question and I've experienced the problem myself. However, I delevop on a server with SharePoint. Regardless, VS need the rights. Another scenario where this might happen is if use a version controler and you your file is versioned and marked as read-only by default. Content of the folders bin, debug, release should not be versioned as they are automatically generated. – miracules Apr 16 '13 at 12:15

I just had this issue too. I don't know what was the problem exactly, but once I have logged off and log in again, this problem was gone. Probably it was because I changed password recently....

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