I have created a custom list "A" and I have set the the item level permission as "Create items and edit items that were created by the user". Now I want to create an admin group that should be able to edit items in list "A". If I give "Full control" permission to admin group, it works but I want to know according to this situation what should be the correct permission level for admin group.

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You can create a custom permission level named "Generic Edit" with "Add and Edit items" permissions.

Create a group called "{Yourlistname} Members" where you can include users and give this group "Read" rights across the site.

Go to the list and grant permissions directly by breaking the inheritance and apply Generic Edit permission level to the Members Group.

For list administrators , contribute access will work but if you wish to deny delete item rights to administrator, create a custom permission level once again named "Generic List Moderator" and give this permission directly to the admin users on this list.

Let us know if you have any other concerns on the same.

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