I have been using Sharepoint Workspace 2010 on my laptop. In an attempt to transfer my Sharepoint documents to my iPad 3 (via Colligo Briefcase Pro application), I have to provide the url of my Sharepoint site. As I am using Sharepoint for my personal documents, the only reference I have to a Sharepoint site is the message that appears every time I save a document - "saving to the server".

Any thoughts as to how I proceed in transferring my files to my iPad 3?

Thanks so much.


Your must amend the browser URL in order for it to authenticate properly.

There could be three reasons to this:

1. Shortened URL For example, if you enter the following URL in the Add Site dialog: http://sitename.corporate.local/subsite/SitePages/Home.aspx, Briefcase is able to detect the root of the site for authentication. However, if you turn this URL into a shortened one, Briefcase is no longer able to detect the root and authentication will fail. Therefore if you want to create a shortened URL, you must amend the original URL to read as follows: http://sitename.corporate.local/subsite/

2. Site Resolution iPads do not behave the same way as PCs do on a network, and as such iPads do not resolve URLs the same way as PCs. This may result in an error when adding a site to the Sites list in Briefcase.


The SharePoint site should have the fully qualified URL added to the access modifiers.

For example: http://pacificfinancial/Pages may need to be entered as http://pacificfinancial/Pages.corporate.local

3.Site is not connectable Contributor was able to connect to a web server but the SharePoint site with the specified URL was not found on this server.


Ensure the site exists and that you have at least read permissions.

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