How it is possible to configure the Sharepoint 2010 People Picker? I want ot remove the column [Mobile Number] and add a column with the normal Phone Number.

Thanks in advance!

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It depends on authentication mode you are using.

AFAIK for classic-mode authentication there is no option to set columns displayed on people picker list view (disclaimer: I never had need to dig in deep in this issue since most of my projects uses claim based auth - so maybe there is way but it is nothing obvious and simple)

For Claims-based authentication you can write your own custom claim provider.

Resource: People Picker overview (SharePoint Server 2010)

Claims-based authentication

You can write a custom claims provider to control what information is displayed and what results are returned in response to a query from the People Picker control.

An you can find all info needed to write own custom claims provider on blog post series by Steve Peschka. Part 3 is 'people picker related':

Writing a Custom Claims Provider for SharePoint 2010 - Part 3: Searching Claims

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