Is this possible to bind datasource with dropdownlist of lookup column in Infopath form.

Means in my case :

i have one subsite : http://www.contoso.com/Marketing/Combraign

in this site having one list(Leads) with title contain each of company name.

and having another subsite : http://www.contoso.com/Testing

in this site contain List(Test). In this list i want to bind lookup field which coming reference from Leads list(from Combraign subsite). as lookup column its not possible to use external site with list.

but i have try to using infopath designer with dropdownlist and bind with datasource with sharepoint list or library like this

in CName Column field bind with datasource From Combraign(web)'s List(Leads) with title.

binding dropdownlist perfect in form.when submit data value not showing in Allitem.aspx page.

enter image description here

but in Editform.aspx and Dispform.aspx able to see bind value.

enter image description here

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I couldn't open the referenced "like this" but from your question I understood that you building an Infopath form which you had not published, mispublished or disabled after publishing:

Editform.aspx and Dispform.aspx able to see bind value

Editform.aspx and Dispform.aspx are using the default (non-Infopath) Sharepoint form while after publishing your Infopath form onto a list, the Edit/Update, View/Display, Insert/New web pages, using, BTW, one and the same Infopath form of type/compatibility "Sharepoint List form"for all webpages should have been:

  • displayifs.aspx (instead of Sharepoint original default DispForm.aspx)
  • editifs.aspx (instead of Sharepoint original default EditForm.aspx)
  • newifs.aspx (instead of Sharepoint original default NewForm.aspx)

Also, it is impossible to publish Infopath "SharePoint List Form" type of form to more than one list less to multiple lists in different sites (Update: using non-modifiable Main Data Connection). And it is impossible to modify or choose manually Infopath "Sharepoint List Form" (the type you should see in Compatibility of "Form Options")

enter image description here

Sometimes, I am using the mixture of default Sharepoint web pages:

  • DispForm.aspx
  • EditForm.aspx
  • NewForm.aspx

with Infopath form linked/injected web pages:

  • displayifs.aspx
  • editifs.aspx
  • newifs.aspx

instead of either first 3 or the last 3, it is real pain in that place, requiring a lot of manual tossing after each form change.

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