Tried to search internet but could not find it.
I was given Infopath (.xsn) form which I open from file system and get:

enter image description here

  • "The query cannot be run for the following DataObject: Region InfoPath cannot run the specified query. Some form data cannot be retrieved because InfoPath is operating in offline mode. Form elements, such as drop-down lists, may be blank. Ensure that you have network connectivity and that InfoPath is in online mode"

How to ensure that Infopath 2010 is in online mode?
What is offline mode of Infopath?

The forms are files .xsn from download for book 1

  • 0672333422_Content.zip\DownLoadable Content\Forms*.xsn

The funny for me thing is that all starts working if to copy to and open files exactly in:

  • C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\
    but not to its subdirectory!

Well, kind of because it shows the warning:

  • "Infopath Editor Security Notice

    Microsoft Office has identified a potential security concern
    Security Warning: This form may use your identity to connect to data sources"

enter image description here

Also in Windows Explorer it is "My Documents" while it is really "Documents"

enter image description here

STEVEN MANN. InfoPath® with SharePoint® 2010 HOW-TO
by Sams Publishing

  • Is this Infopath form published on a list or are you just trying to preview the form using Infopath form designer ?
    – ArkoD
    May 29, 2012 at 9:31
  • Additionally, does your form refer to some external list columns or database to populate form fields ?
    – ArkoD
    May 29, 2012 at 9:31
  • Well, thanks, I resolved the issue before seeing your comments. See my answer. Still I did not (bother to) understand quite clearly so any further explanations are welcome May 29, 2012 at 12:51

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I answer my question because the both the blocking and the warnings gone after I enabled following options for Infopath Form Services.

In "Sharepoint 2010 Central administration" --> General Application Settings" --> Infopath Forms Services ---> "Configure Infopath Forms Services" I enabled:

  • Allow users to browser-enable form templates
  • Render form templates that are browser-enabled by users
  • Allow embedded SQL authentication
  • Allow user form templates to use authentication information contained in data connection files
  • Allow cross-domain data access for user form templates that use connection settings in a data connection file

Configure Infopath Forms Services

And in Central Administration --> General Application Settings --> Configure InfoPath Forms Services Web Service Proxy:

  • Enable InfoPath Forms Services Web service proxy
    Use the proxy for data connections between InfoPath Forms Services forms and Web services. The data connections must be defined in universal data connection (UDC) files and they must be enabled to use a proxy
  • Enable InfoPath Forms Services Web service proxy for user forms
    Use the proxy for data connections in user forms

enter image description here

Not sure (and do not care) what of them specifically has solved the issues. But they gone for good


Try clearing Internet Option/Browsing Historyenter image description here

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