I have an existing list with a text field and records in it. Now I want to change that text field into a calculated field to make it concat two other text fields in the list (possibly by changing the schema related to that field thru code behind). I've tried doing..

fieldThree.Type = SPFieldType.Calculated;
SPFieldCalculated calcField = (SPFieldCalculated)fieldThree;
calcField.Formula = @"=CONCATENATE([fieldOne],"" "",[fieldTwo])";

As it seems.. I can't explicitly convert a text field to a calculated one.

  • @Cimares answer is correct. One side note: To update field definition you need to use fieldThree.Update() instead of myList.Update. In this case it will throw Non-supported field type change exception. – Vedran Rasol May 25 '12 at 11:43

As you've found, you can't convert a text field into a calculated one. What you'll have to do is add the calculated field as a new column.

If you want to do this through code you'll need to use the SPList.Fields.Add() method.

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