We have some hand crafted XML files we use for various rss needs. Whenever a dev updates the file, SharePoint Designer adds an UTF-8 byte order mark to the beginning of the file causing some parsers to complain about it. Currently, I can open the file in vim or a hex editor and remove the mark, but is there a way to make SharePoint Designer not do this?

Edit: Were using SharePoint Designer 2007. However, we do plan to upgrade to SharePoint 2010 later, so if there is any insight there, I would be very appreciative.


I believe you can fix this by opening the site in sharepoint designer, going to "Site Options" -> "Language" and choosing a "Default Page Encoding" other than UTF-8.

  • I went with US/Western European ISO encoding, and that got me where I need to go. I appreciate the input. – Robert Silvie II May 23 '12 at 22:01

You can change the XML editor in the Application Options under Tools to Notepad inside SharePoint Designer. Try that and see if SharePoint Designer behaves.

  • I didn't have to use Notepad after all, but your answer sent me in the right direction. Cheers. – Robert Silvie II May 23 '12 at 19:51

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