I've a got a People Picker on a custom list form, and I'm trying to restrict the people you can select in it. Basically, if the form is in one state (set in Page_Load), then restrict the people that can be selected to one Sharepoint group, if it is the second state, select from a different Sharepoint group.

Is this at all possible, or is any restriction of a People Picker something that needs to be set in the corresponding list field?

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The PeopleEditor control exposes a property SharePointGroup. This should give you a bit of what you want - it will mean the Browse window only shows members of that group.

However, I think I remember discovering that you could still type other users (not in that group) in and that they'd still validate.

  • Ya. I have tried the SharePointgroup property. However, it will also valid if I enter user name to the field directly.
    – king yau
    Feb 10, 2017 at 4:50

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